About the Journal

AT–TAISIR Journal of Indonesian Tafsir Studies is an electronic journal published by the LPPM Daarul Qur'an Institute (IDAQU). The focus and scope of AT-TAISIR includes sanad qiraat, studies of rasm manuscripts, studies of understanding lughoh in the al-Qur'an, schools of thought in interpretation, studies of bayan al-Qur'an science, studies of ma'ani science in the Qur'an, al-Qur'an and science, al the Koran and digital space, the Koran and science and technology, the Koran and pop culture, the Koran and politics, the Koran and social movements, the Koran and extremism, the Koran and terrorism, the Koran and the environment, the Koran and peace building , the study of the Koran and hermeneutics, living the Koran, the Koran and social society. Review processing using the system provided by OJS. It is published twice a year, in June and December. Editors accept contributions of articles in Indonesian that contain 2500-5000 words and have not been published by other media. Quote using APA style.